In this School, Brian Guerin will be covering in great depth one of the most valuable and non-negotiable elements to living out all that the Lord has made available to the life of a believer: Faith. Brian will be teaching an in-depth study from all facets of Faith in, from and through God. In every session, Brian will not only be teaching within this context but also praying for a great increase and ability to walk in true accessible Faith that will unlock all that has been made available for the Bride.

Brian will be coming to you in High Definition Livestream from the Bridal Glory International Studio for 4 consecutive sessions within the School of Faith on Monday evenings at 7 pm ET in the month of November 2021. These exact dates will be November 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd. Each session will have full week playback capability as well for those in different time zones needing to view the sessions at a later time. The total of this school runs $99 which breaks down to under $25 per session.

These sessions will be able to be viewed live through any laptop, mobile device, iPad, desktop computer, and even Apple TV. Each student will receive their very own 2021 School of Faith Certificate of Completion with Brian Guerin’s signature at the conclusion of the school.

(NOTE: Your HD Livestream link to enter into the School of Faith for all four sessions will be emailed to you 1-2 days in advance prior to the first week’s session starting on November 1st).